No matter what skill level you have, in Triángulo Surf Morocco we will always encourage you to get to know, learn or improve what we like the most, surfing.


One of the best things that we have in Morocco, are the different waves and beaches for all types of surfers. In Triangulo, we offer beginner surf lessons where the surfers practice the basic techniques of surfing in forgiving beach breaks. Here you learn your first steps of surfing.


Once you have the technical bases of surfing, we offer the service of intermediate level classes. In these, you will improve your style of surfing by surfing as many waves as possible in the lineup accompanied by one of our instructors. In these lessons, we surf waves that require more technique.


For our advanced surfers we offer a guiding service. For those who want to surf the best moroccan waves at the right time, one of our surf guides will join you giving different advice and information about the waves. Making sure you score the best waves possible on your trip!



We have affordably priced packs for surfing lessons with accommodation and different activities included.

We also have private classes or material for rent for free surfing.

Individual class               40€

Group of 2                        30€/p

Group of 3                        25€/p

Group of 4 or more         20€/p

Rent a surfboard         10€/day

Rent a wetsuit             10€/day

Rent booties                3€/day

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If you don´t have surfing equipment, don´t worry, we´ll take care of it. At Triángulo we have a wide range of wetsuits and surfboards to accomodate all surfers. From beginner surf boards to pro.

Currently,  for begginers we work with the UP Surfboards, a Basque brand with quality boards. Depending on your surf level, we will recommend a type of board so that your improvement is as efficient as possible!

BIG UP Our board with more volume for easy surfing for big people or small waves. Great buoyancy and stability.

SIMPLY UP Its large volume and width offers great stability for the first footings.

START UP Ideal board for the initiation of children in surfing. Its volume and width offers great stability in the first footings of the youngest.

GET UP The ideal surfboard to progress your surfing level. Its width offers stability and it is maneuverable thanks to its four keels.


Take a look at the surf equipment we work with!